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All Comments

What is the name of that cartoon naked woman thing that is usually all white?
She is sitting on her but with her hands out behind her holding her up.. Stev-o has a fat version tattooed on Him
Mudflap Girl!
Is it a sin to accidentally look at a pic of a naked woman or cartoon?
Its that i was on google images looking up something totally differnet than porn and I got some pics of naked women but its not like I got a ***** off it or anything
By definition, to sin, requires intent. No intent - no sin, even if the action would be sinful if intended.

For example; walking in to the unlocked bathroom where a woman was naked and you see everything. Not a sin - just a social blunder.
Spying on a naked woman via the unlocked door - not only sinful but possible illegal.

You saw the same thing in both events but intent alters the event markedly.
Survey: Does anyone else miss the naked cartoon man with the BBQ grill?
or is it just me?
I miss him too.

*cries uncontrollably*
In Japanese cartoon, male see a naked female?
In most anime cartoon that made by Japan, why does the male's nose bleed when he see a naked woman?

Is there any culture in Japan that back this up?
When I was working in Japan, one day my coworker got a nosebleed. Our other (Japanese) coworkers started teasing her and saying "Oh, what were you thinking about?"

One of them explained to me that people will (supposedly) get a nosebleed when they're thinking about sex. She said it's because they get excited, their heart starts beating fast, and the blood rushes to their face. This of course causes blushing, but (again, supposedly) can also lead to a nosebleed. She also said junior high school guys tend to get lots of nosebleeds for this reason.

I don't think anyone takes this really seriously, but that's the explanation for what you've seen in anime. A normal person thinking about sex might just blush, but someone who's very excited and also inexperienced or kind of a loser will be shown getting a nosebleed.
Will I find myself in legal troubles if I draw copyrighted cartoon character's naked?
I know Disney is very much against the unauthorized replication of their characters. I also if the character's are modified in certain ways then it's legal to replicate them. But what about if they're exactly alike only with revealed genitals, breasts or asses? Is that enough modification to avoid a lawsuit or is it violating some rule of the company and will I find myself sued. I'm not using this for any financial benefit, I'm just going to submit them to devinatArt.
If you're not trying to make money off of it, the worst that could happen is they might make you take it down. But that kind of content seems to be very common around the 'net so I doubt even that much would happen.
Are cartoon animals naked if they are not wearing any clothing?
Some of them wear clothing, which leads me to believe they must be attempting to conceal themselves. However, the rarity of clothing usage may suggest that the characters are merely making a fashion statement. Then I wonder to myself: if clothing did not exist, could we be naked? Anyway, I like a bear in pants. Additionally, why do they wear glasses? Are there really near-sighted rabbits?
It really depends on if his or her "junk" or "package," if you will, is clearly visible.
Did the naked red devil character from the Cartoon Network show, Cow and Chicken have a name?
I remember watching this ridiculous farce of a show and always seeing this character appear in each episode with a new persona and new name, and he was usually the antagonist. But was it ever revealed what the character's actual name was? Or do am I to treat him like The Joker in The Dark Knight and accept that I'll never know. Not sure why something this trivial even bothers me, but hey, I'd like to know.
The Red Guy, voiced by Charlie Adler, serves as Cow and Chicken's incompetent arch-nemesis throughout the series. He is usually seen naked and was originally portrayed as the Devil in the pilot episode where he attempted to tempt Chicken into smoking and lure him down to Hell

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