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Should I stay hairy or shave my pussy?
Im a natural redhead with a REALLY hairy pussy, I have felt self conscious before but recently I started seeing a guy who says he loves the way it smells/looks but I cant sto thinking that having this messy red bush is somehow unnattractive.
I suggest you start by trimming it. Clean up the hairs around the lips and trim the top shorter. See how he feels about it.

I like to wax mine and keep a small little patch above.

Why do non-americanized asians have hairy cooters?
Just really curious cause it seems like every non-american asian that i've come across seems to have the hairiest ******* that i've ever seen
What kinda girls are you f*ckin with? lol
Upgrade son!
Is it weird to like hairy pussy?
i am really turned on by it, i hhate it when girls shave, its just not hot that normal?
Well every 1 has there own wayy they think lol
What to do with my white hairy pussy?
People keep playing with my white hairy pussy and i dont like it. its my pussy. It keeps eating mice and leaving them around places where they are not wanted. It throws up hairballs all the time. I tried shaving it but it just bled. When i have people over it keeps rubbing up against people. It never shuts up. I have to feed it constantly. Basically, its a fat *** whore. It hisses at the neighbor ******* espically the black *******. It even got run over by a car and it got plowed once. Everyone wants to pet it but it hisses at them like usual. It has too many toys and it just leaves them around the house. What should i do about my white hairy pussy?
You should give it up to a no-kill shelter so that someone who actually cares about and respects cats can adopt it.

If this question was intended as a joke, I don't think it's funny.
There are two questions here. Do women think it is weird if guys like hairy pussy? How do I tell my gt I do?
My girlfriend has shaved her pussy as long as I have been dating her, without my suggestion. I prefer hairy pussy. How do I tell her this without weirding her out, or is it just weird that I do in general?
its not weird that you do, it would prob be a relief to some women bc they do not have to worry about being judged by a man who wants it perfect and well groomed all the time when talking to your gf you have to be careful bc she may like her pussy like that and ultimately its her body and her decision but you could just be like baby you are so beautiful, i think it would be really sexy if you let it grow out good luck
My boyfriend complains that my pussy is too hairy?
And that it sheds too much fur. Unfortunately he is allergic to cat hair, and it is ruining our relationship.
I love my pussy, and I love my boyfriend. What to do?? Please help.
As soon as I read the initial question, I knew what was coming...and I still laughed.

Anyway, you could always just dip your pussy in a tub full of acid. That could work.
My boyfriend says my pussy is too hairy?
And that it sheds too much fur. Unfortunately he is allergic to cat hair, and it is ruining our relationship.
I love my pussy, and I love my boyfriend. What to do?? Please help.
I would say shave your pussy, but not everyone likes a naked pussy.
Am i suppose to be this hairy on butt and pussy and arms and i am 14?
if i am suppose to be like this or if its normal to be hairy then how can i get rid of it forever or not have so much.boys do not mind but i do because i am insecure about it.
nothing is wrong for you as long as you are black
Hairy backs or?
hairy *******-- which is worse
Definitely Hairy ****** but ******* isn't bad either. I actually like ***** because I ***** the ****** in the ****** with the ****** for the *******. ******* this *******. I'm starting to sound like a DMX record.
Why do women shave pubic hair?
I dont know why every girl in porn shaves it all off? I do not c the point in doing such a thing. In addition, hairy ******* are AWESOME to bone, because it will look like a tarantula is sucking my wiener!
For better camera angle shots, it is all about the presentation.

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