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A few years back there was a show about these gay twin brothers that were trying to start a band. What was it?
It's driving me nuts. All I remember is that the both had long black hair at the time. I don't even remember what channel this show was on.
Milli Vanilli.

The downside of being gay - the curse of a lifetime of cheesy disco music.
Should gay twin brothers dress alike?
Or should we get a life?
Gay or not, twins dressing alike is nothing lame or whatever

It's the way they roll & well those who have problem with that should get a life really, it is their life as well as their choice ;D

OMG this is the 1st for me answering in the LGBT section.. LOL
Ouran High School Host Club question, are the twin brothers like gay or something?
I just get confused with them in some since (they act really weird). Please do explain if I'm misinterpreting something.
Every members in the Ouran High School Host Club are different and have their own ways to excite the ladies or guests. The twin act like that so they can make the ladies happy. It's sometimes weird in certain episodes, but they do it all the time.
Do you think it is wrong to have sex with your gay twin brother?
I am 16 and I have an identical twin brother who is also gay. Do you think that it is wrong to have sex with each other? I mean we are both virgins and that way we won't get any STDs. No stupid answers please!
BigBrothers little brothers gay twin Ainsley harriot presenters,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,…
why are they so camp? is ANYONE straight on tv anymore?????????????????????????????????… why dont they have normals on tv anymore?????????????????????????????????…
Your right,i don't mind gay people,but it seems the entertainment industry has stopped interviewing normals for presenting jobs
So awkward, just walked in on gay twin brother and our friend... ?
so earlier this evening i kind of walked in on my twin brother and our mutual best (guy) friend.. getting intimate. i mean some serious hardcore ****. we're only 17, btw. i told my brother when he came out to me that i didn't have a problem with it and would support him fully. i'm the only person who knows he's gay other than our friend. so anyway my twin was really embarrassed, so to spare him, i was all like don't worry it's okay, i understand, etc. now i'm have trouble looking the friend in question in the eye, gosh i get so embarrassed. i know they're screwing on my bed in the next room. it's not that it's 2 guys that bothers me, it would have been the same if it was with a girl. i've seen my bro naked before, obviously, so that's not the issue. it's our friend! how will i talk to him tomorrow morning knowing that he's had his ***** in my twin brother, MY OTHER HALF, 's ***?! what the hell?! i feel so uncomfortable. when i go sleep, i'll have to share a bed with my brother so he can sleep in the other bed. how can i sleep on the bed they're busy screwing in as i type?! OMG help!! sorry this is so long, i just don't know how to approach this situation... i'm really fine with my brother's sexuality, but i'm not sure how i feel about seeing him in that kind of position (no pun intended). what do i say to them? the subject will definitely come up, as my twin and i share and talk about EVERYTHING. help! asap!
Since your best friend is involved in this steamy romance, it is really important for you to embrace him. And I mean that literally -- the next time you see your best friend, give him a hug.

If your brother is involved with your mutual best friend -- and they share love -- it's important that you don't make your best friend feel bad by rejecting him or making him feel embarrassed.

After all, most human beings do have sex as they grow up and fall in love, and it sounds like your good brother and your friend are enjoying it a lot. Don't cloud their happiness. Try to put yourself in their place, and hug them both, and tell them you are glad for them.

Someday, you will be the guy on the bed with some cute girl -- and you will want your brother's support and loving care at that time.

P.S. -- By the way, in case you think anal sex is just super bizarre, one thing to keep in mind is that the male prostate gland, associated with orgasm, is snug right by the anus, so it can feel crazy good to be penetrated. Just sayin', your brother is likely feeling awesome, odd as it may seem. (At least if they're doing it right.) And they may switch things around too. But anyway, human beings do share sex to express their joy and affection, so be glad for them both. =)
If a twin is gay, do both turn out to be gay?
I was just wondering. Like, if everything is the same, wouldn't it be thought to believe that both would also be gay? on MTV I was watching a date show called NEXT. and this guy had a gay twin brother. I wonder if they both did it together and that's why they're gay. SOOOOO the question is, if a twin turns out to be gay, is it likely the other one is too?
"I wonder if they both did it together and that's why they're gay." LOL. But no, I have met twins, where both were gay or only one was gay.
Is Twin "B" Gay? ?
We have set of identical twins; twin "A" is gay, twin "B" is straight (this actually applies to 2 friends of mine). Should we assume that twin "B" is actually gay simply due the fact that he has the same genetic makeup as his gay twin brother?

Before you answer, we have another set of twins. Twin "B" has never drank any alcohol in his life and twin "A" is, by the disease model definition, a raving alcoholic. They are of course genetically identical. Is twin "B" also an alcoholic?
Both 'B's' would be statistically more likely to be gay or alcoholic respectively.

In the case of the gay twins, different studies have shown different levels of increased likelihood, but it is definitely more likely.

In the case of the alcoholism, twin 'B' is smart not to drink any alcohol. There is definitely a genetic propensity, it's rampant in my family and my partner's family. But until you start drinking, you are not an alcoholic. It is a condition that develops over time. There is some belief that there are two types of alcholics. A 'Type A' alcohlic, once he/she ever takes a drink, will likely become an alcoholic unless there is some intervention. Also, you can stop drinking and still be an alcoholic, because you are never really 'cured.' I know this from personal experience.

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