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Has anyone here tried a Gay dating service?
I got tired of being alone, and I figured I needed to meet people somewhere. I don't really know anyone. Which makes it harder to meet guys.I was wondering if anyone has tried this and how it worked.
What is the best dating service for a gay teens in my area?
I am 15 years old and I am a gay boy, and I want to find the right person . I want this person to be in my area. And I know I should wait, but I want love now. This is just the perfect time for me! I need someone in my life! I want to match myself to them! :)
I Use Or :) That Works For Anywhere
Why would a gay man advertise in a straight dating service?
I worked with a married gay couple that advocates aggressively for gay rights. Recently I saw one of them advertising in a straight column for a date, Why do you think he is advertising in a straight dating service? Would you tell the partner? For women, would you be upset to find out you are dating a man who is married to another man?
they do it because a lot of 'straight' married men are really gay and like to meet up with other 'straight' married men and have sex. its a great pretense if they hide on the straight boards because then no one will guess they really like gay sex. he is probably only there for this purpose and no you shouldn't tell anyone because it is none of your business..
So do gay people use the military as a dating service now?
Also if gay men can share barracks, why can't straight men share barracks with women?

Is it a good idea for the military to start handing out condoms to prevent AIDS epidemics in our military?
Now? They have been doing so for years. Co-ed quarters, no problem.
Dating Service Question Gay teen?
I am an 18 year old male and I think i am gay. (Most of my sexual fantasies have been about men and most of my sexual feelings have been for men. The one girl i did have sexual feelings for i dated and it just didn't feel right). Anyway i want to try dating a guy now and see if it feels right as i believe it will. However i cant just start asking random cute guys to go out with me so i was wondering should i use a dating service like eharmony to find a guy. (That way i know hes gay before i even meet him and don't risk getting myself beet up asking him out.) If so which one should i use and should i do this over the summer or in the fall when i start college.
There are LGBT groups in colleges. Go there. Online dating is ummm...not good. And its not like in high school. You can be openly gay in college and no one would care.

EDIT*** Trust me. dont do online dating. Been there...done that. Its not a good way to tell if you really are gay. Found out Im straight.
Are there any free gay on-line dating services in Canada?
There are quite a few for sex such as, but it appears that those for friendship or relationship charge a fee for viewing a profile and sending messages. It's not that I don't want to pay, but I don't want to use my credit card on-line with these websites. Anyone knows some gay dating sites in Canada that are absolutely free? I can't find any.
I know what you mean. it is hard finding a website that is totally "free". There are websites that are global that are 'free" but you have limited access to peoples profiles & if they aren't aware of your status they can't reach you or you can't reach them. I know because I have tried several sites as well.

I have a question for you or possibility a suggestion for you to consider. I think they are one & the same. Have you given thought to opening another credit card account under another name? It is possible to do you know. You can get one of those where you just have to deposit a few dollars to keep them open. I hope you know what I'm talking about. You can have a different name on that account & if you really want privacy you can get one of those post office boxes through UPS or other places where you can have your bills sent to so one will see the bills ie friends, family or spouses/partners

So to wrap up there are sites that say they are "free" but they have limitations as to what you can access or connect with other people with out shelling out money to do so. There are web sites that will give you a trial period to check out their services. Why not try that & see what options are available to you regarding payment.
Gay Straight Alliance not a dating service?
I'm the vice president of a college gay straight alliance, and we have a few members who insist on using the group solely as a dating service. They're constantly coming up to the advertising table that I use to grab new members' attention, and asking "were there any hot girls/guys at the last meeting?" and my answer is always "Come and find out yourself." They very rarely come to meetings, and they're never interested in contributing anything like time or suggestions. We have social events like movie nights, dinners, protests, and chalking up the free speech area of the campus with gay-positive slogans.
I'm irritated that they clearly aren't taking this seriously. While we don't have any problems with members dating each other, the group isn't a dating service. There are websites and local groups for GLBTQ singles who want to date.
How can I discourage those people to stop treating the club like they are and encourage them to have fun and actually participate in the meetings?
Unfortunately, you can't. Your response to them is perfectly appropriate. Think of it this way: if that's all they are looking for, you are better off without them as members. They'd just be a distraction. Just tell them that you are a service, support, and educational organization, but that you do have social events, and hope to see them there.

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