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Are any of these rainboots worth it, for a college girl (w/pics)?
Today my feet got soaked in the rain. Now I'm freezing.

I found some cool boots online:… - $39… - $39… - $32

Are any of them worth it? Or should I keep looking for cheaper ones... And should I go for the black, or printed in your opinion?
i don't think you should go with black, patterns are much more fun!!! your only in college live it up!
*pics* poll question why is this college girl so famous?
i never knew that you could get so famous for offering to sleep with somebody in exchange for money? whats the deal with this girl i see her all over the news is anyone really gonna pay for more than $500
She really famous I live in SAUDIA ARABIA and know bout it! jee wata whore for real!
Need to pretty up a junker 93 Toyota Tercel for a college girl.?
I am a gal just going into college and this 93 Tercel with dents and dings was the best cheapest thing I could find in a pinch. Any suggestions on making it more "girly" . Its white, dented up, clear windows, need some SUPER CHEAP suggestions please. I don't have much money, a few bucks here n there. Sites, pics, remedies, diy help.
Instead of wasting any money prettying it up, you should save as much as you can throughout your college years so that when it's time for a new car, you will have a sizable sum for a down payment on something incredibly sexy. Dress up a pig and you'll have a pig in a pretty dress. Dress up a sexy woman and you'll have a sexier woman, right? ;-)
Who is the Girl on This Pic?
I see her in quite a few places and i found more pics of her but no name and no alliases. Here is the link

Can Anyone help?
Thats my girlfriend!!! ima smack you!
Does Playboy re use pics in multiple issues of their magazine and website?
I have looked at Playboys College Girls on their website. Someone will win "College Girl of the Week" then later win "College girl of the month" but their bio is the same. Same age, same college. The trouble is the dates are different as much as a couple of years. Do they take multiple shoots then keep posting the same girl until all the pics are posted?
It really depends. That's not always the case. It also depends on the viewers' demand. If the model becomes popular, most likely, they'll re-use those pics. However, most of the shots are fresh, recently taken.
How to stand out and look good for college. Help! PICS (I'll answer your question)?
I'm 18 and leaving for college in 5 months. I wanna look like a college girl by the time I get there. I just feel like I'm kinda blah. I have blonde hair and dress in jeans and a t-shirt everyday. This isn't the kind of RATE me I think I'm ugly post. This is a simple. What can i do to look more unique and eye catching in a college of 25,000 students??
last picture i a Halloween costume so no i dont dress as bumblebee everyday

Thanks and if u post a link i'll answer ur question!
im 18 and im in running start so already in college.
well i dont dress like everyone else but i know what everyone else wears (i like wearing jeans and jackets and my converse)

ok so its kind of like high school or how you would look at a job. all the girls look and wear the same thing

boots, heels, light sweaters, buckle jeans, nice clothes you know. and they all have LONG soft straightened hair and make up on.

ps: but remember its not all about looks but about personality
be friendly
College Girls! What do you think?(pics)?
I'm going to attend college in two months and I want to know what kind of chance I'll have with the girls there haha. So let me know what think and a rating scale of 1-10 would be helpful ;)…
You're average. You'll find someone.
Why do I have girl troubles (pics included)?
I'm a senior in college, and I thought college would be a time when I'd have a lot of experiences in love and sex. Though it's not been completely celibate, I've had way less success than I anticipated. To date, the only thing I've gotten into is a 2-month long FWB thing during junior year. I've never had a girlfriend during college, though not through lack of trying (4 girls rejected me when I explicitly asked them out on dates, while a bunch more just kind of ignored me after a coffee date or two). There have been some girls who have liked me, but not a whole lot.

So what am I like?

I'm most well-known for being a very talented person. I'm a pianist (classical, jazz, pop, singing... I also just played piano in the pit for a musical), writer (won $1000 university prize for short fiction, wrote/directed a short play for student theatre, and wrote/directed a 30-min pilot for student TV station), cartoonist (graphics editor of school paper and weekly political cartoonist), and athlete (intramural soccer and hockey). My interests are diverse as well, ranging from politics to sports to video games to films to pop culture to literature. I'm the kind of guy who wants to talk about Jane Austen in one minute, then about MMA the next.

Personality-wise, I've been described (mainly by girls) as aloof, mysterious, and as if there's more to me than meets the eye. I consider myself introverted and I like solitude more than the average person, but I am very good at being outgoing for short bursts of time if I want to. I love meeting new people, and have been told many times that I am a witty conversationalist. I am very introspective and have filled out 6 journals since I've come to college.

Here are my pics that I've taken of myself recently:




Stature wise, I'm 5'8" and about 145 lbs. I'm often told that I need to smile more, and that my neutral expression makes me seem sad, worried, or stoic.

I'm not that insecure about my looks because I've been enough times that I'm pretty good-looking that I know that at the very least, I'm not a troll. I also don't think I'm boring, given my diverse array of talents and interests.

What really makes me insecure though is that after more than 3 years of loneliness, I have to start wondering if my race has anything to do with it. As you can see from the pics, I'm Asian, and Asian guys have bad social standing in America. I always thought I could overcome it through looks and/or personality, but after a while, you just have to wonder. I HATE the notion of blaming my race for my troubles, but as I said, you start desperately searching for answers. The thing is, I have no racial preferences when it comes to girls. I am friends with people of all races and dislike ethnic cliques, particularly all-Asian cliques. I love Asian girls as much as any other kinds of girls, but many of them usually hang out in those ethnic cliques. And in my areas of interest (writing, theatre, music), there aren't many Asians. I'm used to being the only Asian in a group or classroom. Consequently, many girls that I'm interested tend to be non-Asian, which I can't help but think has been a big factor to my troubles. But even if that were the case, I refuse to be told I can't be with people who I want to be, and that I have to accept being a 2nd class citizen when it comes to matters of romance.

I don't know, I've tried to stay strong during all this time, but every semester, I start anew with hope only to become bitterly disappointed at the end. I'm soon going to graduate with the likelihood of never had a meaningful relationship here. And I don't like to do hook-ups, not that I would've gotten with many girls if I did do them.

So what do you think it is? My looks? My personality? My race? Or have I just been really unlucky?
You poor guy!
It's seriously doubt its your looks, and unless you are in a very racial area I seriously doubt its your race.
I think you're just having an unlucky time
I think it could be because you're kind of shy....?
Well, I hope you have better luck!;…

want to answer mine?

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