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Do you think these pics are real?
i look at these pics and wonder, are they real.check out all the ones you can. i know there are quite a few. tell me wat you think of them. any comments. The first one is my fave.…
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Why do public school guys hate private school guys?
I know that most people say that private school guys are rich and stuck up, and blah, blah, blah. I have gone to a private school since second grade. In my Lower School years at private school, (grades 2-5) I was fine with my friends from public school. Once I started Middle School, a lot of my public school friends became distant. Once when I met a girl for the first time, I said my name, and she said, "Where do you go to school?" I answered, said my school's name. She immediately said, "I don't like private school guys," and walked away.

So what's with all the hate? Us private school guys aren't much different then a public school guy. Sure, we may have more money, but what's the big deal? If your a nice person, why should it matter where you go to school?

Another instance to ponder. My fifth grade class was at our city's art museum. To go on field trips, my school requires us to wear preferred dress. Preferred dress requires boys to wear nice pants, collared shirts, and dress up shoes. Girls must wear skirts, blouses, and sensible shoes. Walking through the art museum was like walking through New York City in nothing but your underwear. All of the other school groups had on holey jeans, and ratty sweatshirts. We got fingers pointed at us, and laughter followed as we walked the halls of art. As we were walking from one gallery to another, a guy snickered at us, extra loud. Some of us turned around. He said, "What are your desks made of, mahagony?" That stung. We got comments on our outfits and everything.

I know this may sound desperate, but don't get me wrong, I love private school. I probably sound like a snob, which is most people's first impression of me, when I tell them I go to a private school.

Just don't judge a book by it's cover.
I attended private school growing up, and think I did better than I would have at a publich school. There are lots of private schools in New York…
UPDATE: I Had 3D Scan on Saturday! Also question about getting ready for baby?
I had a 3D/4D ultrasound on Saturday, and i just wanted to share my experience with you ladies, for the ones who had it already you know how amazing it is, if you havent try to do it, i nearly cried! it was so beautiful i can't stop looking at my baby's pics, i got bunch of stuff on my package, i love the cd with 430 pics its my favorite thing in the world now! haha! ill leave u a small slideshow so you can meet my baby boy Riley Maurice!:…

Also i wanted to ask, if i should get my hospital bag ready now? im 33 weeks 5 days,ill be 34 on thursday,i almost have everything except for underwear and 2 nursing pjs,i just dont want to rush it cause if i do it now i wont have anything to do after, i still have my baby shower to look forward too in 2 weeks, so i can't wash baby's clothes cause i want to wash everything together.
Thanks ladies have a nice day!,sorry if its long i just wanted to say hi!
Get ur bag ready! theres nothin wrong with being excited! besides you will end up un-packing & re-packing it about 100 times b4 the actual 'd' day arrives! GL and i love the pics!
Scared 18 year old. About vaginas appearance. Please help. Men and women.?
Im really scared about my next relationship with a boy because of my inner labia sticks out. It has done since i started to develop. I know everyone has this but it only comes out when people are aroused mine sticks out all the time :( i feel extremely conscious about this. becauce i thought that if peoples inner labia stick out that means they are loose and saggy ? buti cant be im only 18. I have found a picture on the net which is a close enough image as to what mine looks like to help you see if i need medical advice. im not sure if this i snormal for an 18 year old to have. would boys find this unusual and unattractive? i dont want to get with a boy and for him then to hate my 'down there' i want to feel sexy and still be able to wear sexy underwear and have a brazilian.. will this not look nice?? Please please help anyone with professional advice or opinions orr anything please just help me im rdepressed about it :(
thank you

The image is in this link:

Im not uploading that link to be rude .. its just similar to mine and i would like to give you an idea on what im trying to explain (like the inner labia sticking out) like the middle bit always stays out. I thought the normal regular vagina was just a slit?
Your help will be very much appreciated i just hope poeple have the time to answer as im so worried.
Thanks again
Your vulva (your vagina is inside your body) sounds perfectly normal, labia are all different, that may simply how your vulva was created - inner labia often stick out from the outer labia, and not just when aroused either. This doesn't mean that you are loose, even if you had been having sex with every man you met your vagina is elastic and goes through changes when aroused to become larger, but returns to normal after sex, and the vulva does the same, it doesn't loosen through sex. Women can feel self-conscious about their genitals, but it's all normal.

I'd say it's a matter of self-esteem and body-image, you're so worried about how you look rather than being comfortable with the fact you're normal as you are. Go learn more about your vulva and how healthy vulva's look so you can see you're normal, although bear in mind if looking at images of women's vulva's that you need to be looking at real vulva's - many porn stars will have surgery and treatments to look a certain way, that doesn't mean that you are abnormal, it means they have had surgery so that they look abnormal!

Try these web sites...… - Article 'Give'em Some Lip: Labia That Clearly Ain't Minor' from Scarleteen discussing labia size as well as general appearance. This article also has many links to vulva photos and art work, look out for them on the right-hand side of the article as these will show you what normal, healthy real women's vulva's look like to give you a better idea of whether yours is healthy by comparison.… - Various images of vulva's and discussion about vulva/labia size and appearance, see links on the left-hand side for lots of information, it's an ugly site but very good discussion.

Plastic surgery is an option, and I remember that episode of 'Embarrassing Bodies' that someone else mentioned, which was truly disgusting, not the women's genitals but the fact the doctor sent her straight to a plastic surgeon when there was nothing wrong with her. Your genitals are totally and utterly normal, if you felt uncomfortable about your perfectly normal genitals then that's not going to change when you change your genitals to something unnatural, plastic surgery doesn't cure low self-esteem.

As for how the next boyfriend will react, you are thinking about this the wrong way, you shouldn't be the sort of woman to tolerate a partner who thinks badly about your body, and you should know that if your partner does think badly then it is his problem not yours. If he is the sort of guy to be grossed out by a normal healthy vulva, the genitals of someone who he is supposed to care for and respect, then ask yourself why you are with him and why you'd let such a person anywhere near your labia to begin with. A guy who doesn't know what your genitals should look like is a guy who won't be able to pleasure you during sex! This is also important for you, if you're this self-conscious then it's not a good idea to be having sex because frankly sex will not be nearly as enjoyable. Learn more about your body and talk to your partner, when you're comfortable you can show him your genitals and he won't react badly to them, quite the opposite!

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