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Hey, can anyone give me a list of novels on boss secretary relationships?
Are any of you guys interested in novels on boss - secretary relationships? Books like Pagan Encounter, by Charlotte Lamb? I'd be so grateful if anyone can help me!
(Sounds like a porno.) Try J.K Rowling or The Bible.
What are the odds of a boss secretary affair?
I'm not a secretary and my boyfriend doesn't have one but he read something that said most people cheat with their personal trainers or secretaries. What are the odds of that? Do you think that's true?
I worked for a educational software development firm when I was just out of college as a PA to the managing director. He was a sweet guy in his mid 30's married with a young son. He was a total nerdy boffin and his wife was a lot older than him and he wasn't getting any at home. He got a huge crush on me and I did kind of like him but things never went any further than a sneaky kiss at the christmas party! When he told me he had fallen in love with me I found another job!

So yeah I would say it happens a fair bit.
A dialogue between secretary,where the boss wants her to work during vacation?
the boss wants her to work while the secretary has already planned to go out
Wait..what's the question? :/
Write a letter as a secretary giving reasons for your boss absence and suggsting a resheduling?
My boss was supposed to attend a meeting with the heads of department of my units. Unfortunatly he could not make it.
Write a letter as a secretary giving the resaons for his absence and suggesting a reschuduling.
Dear ___________
Mr._________ is unable to attend _____________ because of a scheduling conflict and would like to reschedule it (when)
Thank you for your consideration.

Sign name
Why do I feel i dont trust my secretary, my co worker and my boss?
Am 24 years old, and I have this killer job anyone can envy, my secretary is 52 my co worker is 57 and my boss 58, i think they are against me because of my age and hunger to work, they try to ruin every idea i have since i assumed this positicion as vice presindent of this firm.
Let;s look at it from the other side.
They're 52, 57 and 58. You"re 24 and you're the VP.
Don't you think they're a bit resentful of someone 30 years younger getting that position. You are going to have to win them over.
If you cannot figure this out by yourself, you have an awful lot to learn .
Can a boss legally have sex with his secretary assuming that they are consensual?
I'm wondering about the whole position of authority legislations regarding sex.....if a boss decides to have a relationship with his secretary and eventually have sex, is it legal?
Yes, it's legal because they are consenting adults. However, the social implications may be hell on Earth!!!!!
Is it okay for a secretary and a boss to live in the same roof?
the boss a married man, secretary a separated woman decided to live in the same roof and telling to all that they don't have a relation?
AS long as she plans on getting fired or quitting soon....
What happen to the secretary if his boss will resign?
if the General Manager of the company will resign. what will happen to his secretary? will he/she stay at the company or will the company advised him/her to look for new job?
only the gm has resigned,not the secretary.he/she will remain in the office if appointed by the company.
Should I tell my boss's secretary that my main rival for promotion is gay?
She passes on all the gossip of the day to him. Big Henry as he is known is rabidly homophobic and is certain to give me the job of Vice-President (Operations) when the vacancy arises.
Yes, tell her. Why not and just let her pass it on to the boss. All's fair in love and the war for promotion!

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