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What version of Run do you like better. Snow Patrol's of Leona Lewis'?
What version of Run do you like better, Leona's or Snow Patrol's. ?

Personally i think Snow Patrols is better because they are f*cking kick *** but what do you think ?
Snow patrol!!! They are amazing, but i may be bias since i live in NI :)
IS the US border patrol academy difficult? please describe only if you know?
PLEASE!!! no half *** answers. I know at least one of you is going to leave a stupid comment, or will leave an answer that you think is right. I want the facts not what you think

Its said to be the toughest federal police academy. Im a former marine but i have put on a couple pounds. At the same time ive started to workout
It is a hard academy if you enroll to be a border agent

This video proves it:

You are a former Marine! This should be a piece of cake for you. Just excerise and learn a thing or two about the Border Patrol. Then you'll be ready.
Good Luck bro
Has anybody else been gypped by Registry Patrol?
Following a question on this forum about problems with Explorer 7 (Thank you everybody who recommended FireFox I have had no troubles since) I followed up a hyperlink and came to Registry Patrol ( It looked good so I paid up my $29.95 thru' PayPal and awaited the unlock code. . . nearly 2 weeks later still no code.

All my emails to both Registry Patrol and The Post Media Network who deal with their sales it seems are returned as 'undeliverable'.

I have complained to PayPal but their guarantees are only good for physical goods.

So it seems I have been stuffed by Registry Patrol.

Anybody out there had the same, or even better is in a position to kick *** and get them to send me my unlock code, which for me is the preferred option.

Any help gratefully received.

PS I know its only $29.95. . . but hey, this sort of thing is bad for internet trading world wide.
Looks like you've been scammed - loads of 'companies' out there that upload spyware to your PC and then the window pops up and they tell you you have to pay for the services/codes to remove the items that THEY planted - take your money and you never get anything back.

How to prevent scuffs on shined shoes?
I use the burn shine method (melting the polish w/ a lighter after applying it to the boot.) with Lincoln Wax. I get it extremely shiny, but they scuff very easily. How can I prevent scuffs from appearing?

(I'm a flight sgt in the Civil Air Patrol, and my 1sgt is on my *** all the time. i want to look good in front of my flight to set an example.)
it is impossible, no matter how hard you try someone is going to step on your boots as soon as you walk out the door
How do you have a legal permanent resident investigated?
There is a guy who is a legal permanent resident. He didn't sign up with Selective Service. He was physically violent with his wife. He's a drunk and a cocaine user. He thumbs his nose at U.S. citizens. And I'd like to see his sorry *** shipped back to Mexico. How do I go about getting him investigated by Border Patrol or whoever? Thanks for your responses.
You cannot have somebody you dont like arrested for your pleasure ...
Sheriffs or Border Patrol?
Im in need of a little guidance and information. Im critically thinking of becoming either a Sheriff or a Border Patrol agent. Unfortunately the state i live in..broke *** california..cant seem to decide on a budget. thereby effecting local law enforcements hiring processes. Although, the border patrol is hiring. However, i cant find the steps i need to take and in what order for the sheriffs academy. The border patrol website on the other hand is pretty helpful. Can i get some takes on life and careers as either? also, i have an other than honorable discharge im currently in the process of changing to an uncharacterized. Would that effect any of my opportunities? Thanks for an insight you as a community can provide.
The Border Patrol is a federally funded agency. I do not know your level of education, you need at least a bachelor's degree to be a g-5 or higher. The Border Patrol is offering a high sign up bonus of over 38,000 and a salary of about 75,000 right now. (With Bachelor's degree)

Border Patrol will allow you to retain a permanent station after completing training, but you will likely be needed in the south parts of california.
What is Obama & big Sis trying to cover up in secrecy over death of Border Patrol agent?
There is growing frustration in both the media and on the street down in Santa Cruz County over the total lack of any information about the killing of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry on December 14th.

For example, the following editorial from the Nogales International:

A policy of silence

….It’s frustrating because sometimes it doesn’t seem like there’s a rational reason behind the silence. Instead, federal law enforcement agencies like the Border Patrol, FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office appear to stonewall the public as a matter of general policy. Thank goodness, then, for state and local agencies that feel accountable to the public, and that are subject to state laws that require a certain level of transparency. If it weren’t for the Sheriff’s Office, along with Terry’s family and the Border Patrol agents’ union, we’d hardly know anything about this case.


The last “news” anyone got was that the Border Patrol’s BORTAC unit was out in Peck Canyon west of Rio Rico hunting for border banits, Terry was shot, 4 suspects were arrested and one got way presumably heading south.

So what are the names of the four suspects?

Where are they from?

What is their nationality?

What have they been charged with?

What is going on with the hunt for the fifth suspect?

How about some more information about the incident…was Agent Terry by himself or with other Border Patrol agents? Were the bandits armed with automatic weapons as claimed? Was Terry under any kind of orders to not shoot until shot at?

Ordinarily in any fatal incident involving a law enforcement agent there is lots of information available immediately.

In this case the incident is being managed by the FBI who has slapped a lid on the case.

The day after the shooting, since no one had any clue where the fifth suspect was going, people as far away from the site as Tubac were packing guns.

A week later the best information I could get about the manhunt from a law enforcement source was “maybe the guy went west”.

Ordinarily the countryside would have been plastered with wanted posters for the suspect. One assumes one of the four bandits that was captured is singing like a canary to try and save his sorry *** from riding the needle. One has to assume the feds know the name and everything else about this fifth suspect.

Why are we all being kept in the dark?…
They are incompetent boobs, or they are complicit in the downfall of our country...I believe it is the latter...George Soros has bought and paid for the democrat party and the suck up media...his goal is to collapse the US currency and bring us all under UN control...he doesn't care about borders, or our sovereignty...

READ this website about who and what George Soros is and the control he has already assumed for himself while most Americans are unaware of his plans for them. Don't shoot the messengers, figure out for yourself what this man intends to do to your country and the network of organizations he is using to do it.…
Duplex movie!!?
in the duplex movie, there is a guy that ben stiller talked to and payed 25000$ to kill the old woman,the guy name was (chick), the question is : when Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore made a party in their house, "Chick" was with a hot girl. Anyone knows what's her name? she said in the movie that she had an award for her movie "*** patrol"? Can anyone help me
Below is a list of the actresses in Duplex. I suggest you watch the movie again, and listen for a name when the character is introduced. You could probably eliminate a bunch of them just by going through the list even without watching the movie. Or, you can go to the link below to find the picture of the actress you are seeking.

Drew Barrymore (Nancy Kendricks)
Eileen Essell (Mrs. Connelly)
Swoosie Kurtz (Jean)
Maya Rudolph (Tara)
Amber Valletta (Celine)
Cheryl Klein (Ginger)
Jackie (Titone) Sandler (Bartender)
Michelle Krusiec (Dr. Kang)
Margie Loomis (Old Biddy #1)
Linda Porter (Old Biddy #2)
Christina Kirk (Mrs. Friedman)
Jenette Goldstein (Moderator)
Leyna Nguyen (Newscaster)
Roberta R. Deen (Caterer)
Christine La Fontaine (Don Piper Fan)
Garaldine Hughes (Receptionist)
What is the best Australian made TV show?
I think Sea Patrol is pretty kick ***
Rove Live
Cheez TV

both gone... QQ
What to do to help my neighborhood get more police patrol??!?
Away from college ive only heard story's about little pieces of **** wrecking havoc in the neighborhood i grew up in. Now im back for the summer and some of them try throwing a stone at my dad so i drove out to find those punk asses while my dad called the cops and as i drove around the neighborhood i saw numerous people standing outside of their homes calling the cops as well. They too have had property damaged by these hoodlums and i want to put an end to it. Cops only patrol when theyre called and when that happens theyve already gone back to their homes i bet.

What can i do to have cops patrol the neighborhood more?! Those pieces of **** better hope they never run into me

They've wrecked havoc ruining peoples propertys such as their mailbox's and provoking people with verbal abuse (i know theres nothing i can do about that but theres plenty of storys about destruction of personal property) this type of thing frustrates me beyond belief
Patrol the neighborhhod with a video camera. Start a neighborhood Crime Watchers group and Call a meeting and invite the head of the Police Department.

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