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What if your man looks at an nude anime chick?
My man looks at anime porn and it piss me off sometimes. Anyway should I not worry about it are do you think thats a problem?

It's okay. I mean, some people get turned on by weird things. At least, his fantasies are truly... uh... fantasies. I guess in this sense it's better than him checking out other real chicks. Maybe you could try to appeal to him in that way and cosplay?! xD he'd probably put down that stash real fast and be drooling, I'd bet!

Good luck and, personally, I wouldn't worry! Unless, it's like consuming a ridiculous amount of time, then that's a problem no matter what kind of porn he's looking at.
Why do guys get nosebleed when see nude girlz in anime such as sekirei?
I was wondering why guys in anime such as sekerei, inukami get nose bleed when seeing nude girls. Any ideas? Im not sure about this but i dun get nose bleeds when see naked girls.... does this happen to u? haha
in japan, they believed that when housewives had naughty or dirty thoughts, their nose bleeds...

i just read it on a manga... i'm no expert............
Does any one know of any anime series that show some skin like anime nude scene or anime with big boobs but?
not Hentai. just sexy and cute anime. along the lines of Tenjou Tenge or bravo girls also Ikkitousen Great Guardians. thanks
Anyone has a nude anime photo of a sexy girl?
If so, email it to Thanks!
Or you can just go to
They have over 800,000+ photos of nude anime girls/boys/anything else

Type in whatever you want to see. Mix and match combinations. You should learn some terms in order to search more effectively. I would recommend typing in loli

Best Anime Nude Series............?
What do you guys think the most mature/echi anime series there is
im not a pervert but here are some answers


* 9 O'clock Woman
* 10 Chikan Association (JP)

[edit] A

* A Forbidden Time
* A Heat For All Seasons
* Accelerando: Datenshi-tachi no Sasayaki
* Adventure Kid
* Advancer Tina
* After Class Lesson
* Ai Shimai (Immoral Sisters)
* AIKa
* Akiba Girls
* Akiko
* Alien from the Darkness
* Alignment You! You!
* All-Purpose Martial Arts Girl Ganematsu
* All Sex Hentai
* Anal Sanctuary
* Ane, Chanto Shiyou Yo! ("Let's Make Love to the Elder Sister")
* Ane Harami Ikkusu
* Ane Haramix
* Ane To Boin
* Angel Blade
* Angel Blade Punish!
* Angel Core
* Angels In the Court
o Angels In the Court 2
* Angel of Darkness
* Angelium

[edit] B

* Bad End
* Bad Lands Galleria
* Bad Play
* Bakunyuu Oyako
* Bakunyuu Shimai
* Battle Can-Can
* Battle Team Lakers EX
* Beat Angel Escalayer
* Beast City
* Behind Closed Doors
* Beyond
* Bible Black
* Bible Black New Testament

* Bizarre
* Bizarre Gate
* Black Gate
* Black Mail
o Black Mail 2
* Black Widow
* Blind Night
* Blood Royale
* Blood Shadow
* Body Transfer
* Boin
* Boin Lecture
* Boku no Pico
* Bondage 101
* Bondage Game
* Bondage Mansion
* Bondage Queen Kate
* Boobalicious
* Boundary Between Dream and Reality, The
* Bride of Darkness
* Buttobi CPU (I Dream of Mimi)

[edit] C

* Cage
* Campus
* Cambrian
* Can Can Bunny Extra
* Castle Fantasia
* Chains Of Lust
* Charm Point 1: Sister's Rondo
* CHU2
* City of Sin
* Classroom of Atonement
* Cleavage
* Co-ed Affairs
* Commodore Sex Act
* Color of the Sky, Color of the Water
* Cool Devices
* Consenting Adultery
* Cosplay Cafe
* Countdown: Akira Saga
* Countdown Conjoined
* Countdown to Delight
* Cream Lemon
* Crimson Climax
* Custom Slave

[edit] D

* Daiakuji
* Darcrows
* Darling
* Dark
* Dark Chapel
* Dark Future
* Dark Love
* Dark Shell
* Dark Tour
* Demon Beast Invasion
o Demon Beast Resurrection
* Demon Warrior Koji
* Depravity
* Desperate Carnal Housewives
* Dirty Thoughts
* Discipline
* Discode
* DNA Hunter
* Do It! Yasuji's Pornorama
* Do You Know The Milfing Man?
* Doctor Shameless
* Do Kyu Sei (Nanpa Classmates) (JP)
o Dokyusei 1 (End of Summer) (JP)
o Dokyusei 2 (JP)
o Dokyusei 2 SP (Graduated Classmates)(JP)
* Doura
* Dragon Knight series
* Dragon Pink
* Dragon Rider
* Dream Hazard
* Duchess Of Busty Mounds
* DVine Luv (D+Vine Luv)

[edit] E

* Endless Serenade
* El
* Elfen Laid [Note: 'Laid' is correct and is NOT a spelling error. This is a parody of Elfen Lied]
* Elufina - Servant Princess
* Elven Bride
* Embracing Love - Cherished spring (yaoi)
* Enspelled
* Equation Of The Immoral
* Erotic Torture Chamber

[edit] F

* F³ (Frantic, Frustrated, Female)
* Family of Debauchery
* Fencer of Minerva
* F-Force
* Five Card
* Flash Back Game
* Fobia
* Forbidden Love
* Four Play
* Foxy Nudes
* Fruits Cup
* Front Innocent'
* Fullani

[edit] G

* Genmukan
* Gold Throbber
* G-Spot Express
* G-Taste
* Girl's Locker Room Lust
o Mini Skirt Gakuen
* Girl Next Door
* Green Green Thirteen: Erolutions

[edit] H

* Haitoku no Shoujo - Family of Debauchery
* Harumi's Bad Play
* Hatsuinu The Animation
* Heartwork ~Symphony Of Destruction~
* HEN (Strange Love)
* Heat for all Season
* Heritage From Father
* Hitou Meguri The Animation
* Hitosuma Cosplay Kissa
* Holy Virgins
* Hot Juicy Teacher
* Hot for Teacher
* Horny Women

[edit] I

* I Love You
* Imma Youjo
* Inma Seiden
* Inju Seisen (Twin Dolls, Twin Angels)
* Isaku
o Isaku ~Respect~
* Immoral Sisters
o Immoral Sisters 2
o Immoral Sisters 3 - Blossoming
* Immorality
* Imouto Jiru
* Insatiable
* Internal Medicine
* Invasion Of The Boobie Snatchers
* It's A Family Affair

[edit] J

* Jiburiru - The Devil Angel

[edit] K

* Kakyuusei
o Kakyuusei 2: Ki Hanashi Atsumari (Anthology)
* Kama Sutra (inspired by the book, the Kama Sutra)
* Kamyla
* Karen
* Kasumigake
* Kateikyoushi no Onee-san
* Keraku No Ou
* Kininaru Kimochi
* Kisaku
o Kisaku ~Revival~
* Kite (OVA)
* Kitty Pleasure Pack
* Kizuna
Any cute yaoi anime that has no nude scenes?
Like maby 2 cute boys age 13-16...but no nude scenes plz thanks :3 and can u tell me the genre and send the link
That is called Shounen-ai. I would suggest:

Princess Princess:…
Junjou Romantica:…
Gakuen Heaven:…
Loveless (though it's not really cute....):…
Why do guys get nosebleeds in anime, when they see a nude woman???
i was wondering because i've never gotten a nosebleed by seeing a nude woman, and is this just an anime thing??? has anyone gotten a nose bleed before from a seeing women?
It's a Japanese old wives tale about if a boy stares at a pretty girl they get nose bleeds, so i guess they put that in anime for comic relief, that's funny tho lol.
Does anyone know any nude anime shows?
I don't like gore or anything but id like the setting to be in a modern time preferably a fighting genre, and when i say nude i mean like full detailed nude (female).
Then you can only look for hentai show, because some anime DO have nude female character but not very detail like without nipple and so on.
Hey does any one know any anime with hot nude scenes lol jk?
but like a romantic series
yeah, naruto.....anime hentai.. interested??? lol.

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